To a debt free future

Thank you Rod and staff for all of your help. Our meetings were all very professional and productive. We could not have been happier with the way our case was handled. We both have renewed energy and look forward to a debt free future. Ashley Boone, NC

Thank You to Rod and Staff

I would like to say thank you to Rod and staff for all help in our bankruptcy proceeding. Your compassion and help made this trying situation more comfortable and less stressful. You have always been so helpful and Rod was so nice in our meetings. Been a lot of sleepless nights and worry over our […]

I Can Start Building My Credit

I just got my discharge papers so my chapter 7 is completed and I can start to building my credit score again. I didn’t want to have to go this route but after trying debt consolidation and get a lawsuit served at my office I realized this was my best option. Rod helped me with […]

I Wish I Hadn’t Waited So Long…

I wish I had not waited so long to meet with the staff at Rod Vujovic’s law office. The staff is caring and so very helpful- the hardest part was making the first call. Be sure to talk to Rod- I am so glad I did Lenoir, NC

Vujovic Law Saved My Home

Thank you Vujovic Law for saving my home! My chapter 13 bankruptcy has been much easier than I thought and I don’t have to worry about my home- I just make one payment each month to the Trustee- yay. Alexander County, NC

Run to Vujovic Law

I want to thank Rod and his staff for all the consideration- you made me feel like this was a business decision and that I am  not a failure.  Thank you.  If anyone finds they can not pay their bills RUN to Vujovic Law- I promise they will help.

Thank You Vujovic Law Team!

Thank you Vujovic Law team!   I wish I had come to you when my business first began to fail, but thank  you for all the transitional help.  I am now debt FREE!! Watauga County, NC

Call Today

If you have questions about debt relief give Rod a call.  Your concerns will be addressed in a friendly professional manner.  The hardest part for me was that first call, but I am so glad I made it.  My credit scores are back up and I don’t have to worry about bill collectors.        CatawbaCounty

Best Decision

Once I realized that bankruptcy was my only option and in the best interest of my family, Rod and his staff helped me every step of the way.  Call if you need help. – Caldwell County, NC

Great Staff

The staff here is the kindest, most understanding I have ever met and they are the best at what they do.   It is not an easy process, but if you need help I can’t recommend them enough.          Watauga County, NC