What is this new law?

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

What is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Do I Get To Keep My Property?

Can I Keep My House?

Can I Keep My Vehicle(s)?

Will I Lose My Retirement Savings?

When Will The Harassing Phone Calls From Creditors Stop?

Will My Bankruptcy Filing Be Published In My Local Newspaper?

Will I Ever Get Credit Again?

Some Bankruptcy Law Requirements

Top 16 Myths

Myth 1: There’s no more bankruptcy (or it’s too late to file).

Myth 2: Everyone will know you have filed for bankruptcy.

Myth 3: You will lose everything you have.

Myth 4: You will never be able to own anything again.

Myth 5: You will never get credit again.

Myth 6: Filing bankruptcy will hurt your credit for 10 years.

Myth 7: If you’re married…both you and your spouse have to file for bankruptcy.

Myth 8: It’s really hard to file for bankruptcy.

Myth 9: Only deadbeats file for bankruptcy.

Myth 10: Filing bankruptcy means you’re a bad person.

Myth 11: Filing for bankruptcy will hurt your credit.

Myth 12: Even if you file for bankruptcy, creditors will still harass you and your family.

Myth 13: If you file for bankruptcy, it may cause more family troubles and may even lead to divorce.

Myth 14: You can’t get rid of back taxes through bankruptcy.

Myth 15: You can only file once for bankruptcy protection.

Myth 8: It’s really hard to file for bankruptcy.

Myth 16: You can pick and choose which debts and property to list in your bankruptcy.

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