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If you have questions about debt relief give Rod a call.  Your concerns will be addressed in a friendly professional manner.  The hardest part for me was that first call, but I am so glad I made it.  My credit scores are back up and I don’t have to worry about bill collectors.        CatawbaCounty

Best Decision

Once I realized that bankruptcy was my only option and in the best interest of my family, Rod and his staff helped me every step of the way.  Call if you need help. – Caldwell County, NC

Great Staff

The staff here is the kindest, most understanding I have ever met and they are the best at what they do.   It is not an easy process, but if you need help I can’t recommend them enough.          Watauga County, NC

Avoided filing for bankruptcy

No one wants to file for bankruptcy, but I had no choice. I could not pay my bills and have enough left over for any necessities of life- like proper food and medicine. Do not delay if you are in the same boat. You will find this office to be friendly and knowledgeable….Rod only practices debt relief. No real estate, social security or wills. It is free to check it out. I am thankful to all of the staff.

Instant Stress Relief

After a few minutes at this law office I felt my stress leaving me for the first time in years!. Rod will work with you with a payment plan and take the creditor calls so you can breathe again. I went to another bankruptcy attorney first and did not feel that it was the right place for me. Thanks Rod and Staff. Hickory, NC

Pay off debt wisely.

Don’t  use up your retirement account like I did to pay credit card debt, go to Mr. Vujovic and fast. Rod Vujovic and his staff will treat you with respect and leave you your dignity. I wish I still had my 401k now that I am older, but learn from my mistakes.   Lenior, NC (CaldwellCounty)

The Journey

When I began this journey, it was a difficult decision for me, but was made a lot easier by the understanding of everyone at Rod Vujovic’s bankruptcy office. Boone, NC

Obvious Concern

Vujovic’s law team is exceptional in knowledge and extremely professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of financial help, in fact I have. Their concern for my feelings was obvious from my first meeting. Watauga County, NC

Under Stress

If you are under stress from your debts and you want peace of mind, visit Rod Vujovic and his staff. Boone, NC

Best in Their Field

I would recommend Rod Vujovic and his staff as one of the best in their field; always on the “legal ball”. Caldwell County, NC