Lost Job

Rod, I can’t thank you and Glenda enough for helping us though this situation after I lost my job and couldn’t pay the bills. Watauga County, NC

Less Stress

Tracy was very helpful, and Rod took a lot of stress off of me after talking with him. Both were very helpful and professional-thank you.Burke County, NC

The Best

Rod Vujovic is the best-bar NONE. I’d like to be on a TV commercial so I could tell everyone. Catawba County, NC

Nothing But Friendly

If you guys ever need a testimonial, let me know. You guys are always willing to help and have been nothing but friendly to us before and after our chapter 7. Thanks again for everything. Ashe County, NC

RUN to Rod Vujovic

If you are looking for the Debt Relief Attorney, look no further than Rod Vujovic. I have attended meetings in both offices and found Rod’s Paralegals and staff to be equally professional and helpful. I have heard that some lawyers will try to talk you into the wrong chapter of bankruptcy to make more money or say they can repair your credit. Rod gives you honest advice about bankruptcy, settlements and credit repair. If you need help in Boone or Hickory- RUN to Rod Vujovic. Caldwell County, NC

Can’t Thank You Enough

We can’t thank you enough for giving us our life back through the chapter 7 bankruptcy. Call Vujoviclaw, and if bankruptcy isn’t right for you, they will send you to a reputable service agency for help. Lincoln County, NC

Mutual Respect

Rod and Glenda will help you in your time of financial trouble. At first we were really ashamed of our bankruptcy, but from the first meeting we were told we are good people going through a hard time. We are respected by all the staff. We now refer other people to Rod Vujovic for help. Ashe County, NC

Our Bankruptcy Guide

We cannot thank Rod enough for guiding us through our bankruptcy experience in such a professional manner. We can enjoy the rest of our retirement. Ashe County, NC

Don’t Give Up

I got some WRONG bankruptcy advice from an attorney, so check with this lawyer before giving up. Catawaba County, NC

Eased My Fears

I expected bankruptcy to be a painful process, but Mr. Vujovic and his competent staff eased my fears and made the entire event stress-free. Thanks. Watauga County, NC